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July 06, 2009


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I would love to be in Caitlyns fan club. Although she is different from Crackerjack I think she sounds like quite a girl and I would love to get to know her a little better.

Barbara, you answered my question about Crackerjack's 'llama-ness'--didn't know he had a co-worker over in the 15 acre plot. And yes, let's start a fan club for Caitlyn the diva. She's her own llama. Maybe one of your videos (which I love and am living vicariously through) could sometime capture the bugle sound that Caitlyn makes? I am learning so much.....
Diane L.

I think she at least deserves some sort of fan club, after all, she is doing her job, albeit with a diva attitude. Maybe she can get a tiara! :)

Does one of the sheep in the first photo have horns? Is that a Cormo? Just curious. Thanks for the updates. Hope you're enjoying the sunshine!

~Yep, one of our Cormos inherited horns from her Merino ancestors. I'm sure Caitlyn would love wearing a tiara!~

Love your recent stories about de-eweing the lambs and Caitlyn. Your descriptions are informative and entertaining. Of course, the pictures & videos are wonderful, too.

Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to tell us about the daily happenings.


But of course the Diva deserves her own fan club. She is a beautiful girl!

Thanks for introducing us to Caitlyn. I'd like to join the Caitlyn fan club. Everyone (including llamas) are good at some things and not so good at others. It sounds like you've put Crackerjack and Caitlyn in the right jobs.

oh my what a beautiful girl and i appreciate the fact that she is a DIVA. i can relate to that being of the Ballet world. you bet i want to be a fan of hers....viva Caitlyn!!! please put all these stories in a book for us. there is nothing more interesting to read than your life on the big ranch. it looks like heaven! even her sheep are as beautiful as She is...i don't blame her for not adjusting to babies knocking around her legs. i always told my doggies, my feet, my feet, i have to dance with these. tee hee

Sure, she can have her own fan club, too. She does her job, just in a different way. You just had to find the right niche for her. (And her coat looks sublime, that helps, too.)
Thanks for sharing the beautiful bucolic photos of the pasture!

Sounds like she doesn't need a fan club as much as royal subjects. LOLOL

Caitlyn is a regal girl; the diva factor is strong with her. I can't imagine she has ever allowed herself to be photographed with a sweetly goofy expression on her face like Crackerjack.

We have a couple of rogue llamas in our neighborhood that escape their pasture and wander (for days at a time), visiting unfenced yards. Dogs seem to know to leave them alone and bark only from a safe distance.

As the mother and mother-in-law of a couple of opera singers, I know all about divas, hee, hee! Sure, Caitlin deserves a fan club....the world needs its divas!

She is beautiful even though she naps on the job! Great she's found her niche and protects the flock her way. I love how she blends in with the yearlings and ewes color-wise.

Caitlin represents all of us who feel as though we are royalty and don't understand why the rest of the world doesn't bend to our every whim.

While I enjoyed reading about Caitlin, I'm afraid I wouldn't want to join her fan club. Not into divas, although I read about plenty that may be willing to join....My heart belongs to Crackerjack.

Queen Caitlin the Cantankerous- long may she reign!


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