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October 31, 2009


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Next year, would you please dress a few sheep in costumes? they already wear coats. It would be awesome. An XXL dog costume from Target might work. :D

And Happy Halloween to you - I hope you and the flock had a good one. It was light on trick-or-treaters this evening and the worse "trick" was a "threat" of him singing if he didn't get a treat.

These pumpkins are unbelievable - what talent and skill in carving. I have got to make it to Rhinebeck one year. thanks for sharing - Torre

Happy Halloween Barb! I love these pumpkins! My favorite is the ram with the horns.

Thanks for sharing these amazing lamb/llam-o-lanterns! Next year your flock will be wanting you to carve ones like that for them, if they see these ones.

Happy Halloween! Those pumpkins are great!

Wow..incredible work!

Oh, I enjoyed them immensely!!

Jeez Louise, these are GREAT pumpkins! Ober here in Philly, there was a lot of Phillies "P" carving.

So looking forward to the spring and CSA starting!

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