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December 09, 2009


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Thanks for the snowy photos, Holly. That's pretty much how it looks here today, too. No snow day for us, though--that's one drawback of homeschooling!
Meanwhile, are you basking in sunshine and warmth, Barb, while Holly does all the shovelling?

We got about 7-8 inches here. Our elementary school was closed though the high school remained open which annoyed my 17 yo son no end. It ended with rain and now we are having thunder and lightning. Kind of strange with snow on the ground. Great photos Holly!

I hope we don't have one of those years with a few inches of snow every week!! Thunder and lightning right now....after a day of snow, rain, and general slop. The sheep probably want to stay inside -- just like we do!

Lovely vistas. Took the Mr. 2 hours to get home today.

good photography Holly...you are such a big help to Barb. here in southern Cs the temp is in the mid 50's ...what is so funny, the Californians hibernate...i am from Long Island and this is nothing compared to the weather/temp back East. that was a good job shoveling, you must be a strong girl doing the work that you do.

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