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December 15, 2009


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My son (3 yrs.) thought this was hysterical - he had the best belly laugh session. I hope they're on better terms now. I'm surprised how much smaller Gypsy is than the sheep or is it just the angle? Thanks for the video and for making my son's day :)

~ The girls have made up - glad your little boy got a smile out of it : ) Gypsy is a half-pint goat with a big personality. Not even half the size of our big girls and yet they all respect her.~

do they hurt themselves when they do this (I didn't see any horns...)

~Well, I don't think it tickles. Eventually they reach a point when one is bested and gives up. Usually the smaller or less senior ewe. The rams tend to fight more aggressively which is why we sometimes have to split them up before they really do damage. But the girls always work things out themselves!~

Who are the two shaggy ones at the end -- who aren't fighting? What type of sheep?

Love your videos and pictures -- feel like I'm on the farm!

~ Thanx. The "non-fighters" (in coats) are Cormo sheep; the curly critters w/ horns are Angora goats.~

Ouch! I thought I heard bone on bone. I'm glad they worked it out. Your animals have such personalities - I take it Gypsy is the goat who wondered what you were doing? I too laughed so hard - what a face - so sweet; you just want to scratch all their little noses. Thanks for sharing video and pictures! It's nice seeing the different animals and their daily lives so to speak.

Looks like they were gathering an audience there towards the end. lol

I love reading your blog. :-) It never fails to make me smile.


Ooh, your poor goats, especially the male (I've forgotten his name). They look like they're asking why their mama put them in the pen with those testy ewes.

~ The goats are usually the ones dishing it out, so it's funny seeing Butch & Gypsy not instigating for a change!~

I was amused by the watchers who gathered briefly. Seems that the earth has bred most species with that flavor of aggression.

I was also going to ask if you ever have to break them up...like two sisters fighting over clothes......

Ask me how I know that!

I love that the angora goat was looking into the camera, like she knew someone was watching and why the heck aren't you down here breaking this up?? We're tryin' to eat here!

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