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December 27, 2009


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Love the goats!

The scene under your tree looks something like ours with four kids' toys. What lucky puppies you have!
Those all sound like great books. We discovered some of the hidden life of deer today when we lost the trail while hiking and ended up on a deerpath. I hope you get lots of time to enjoy your books and new lens.

~I love following wild animal trails when hiking. Hope you and your family is enjoying the season!~

Happy birthday, Barbara. Hope you have a nice day!

~Thank you, Diane. And a very happy birthday to you too!!! xo ~

Happy New Year to You and All....such beautiful pictures, makes me homesick for Long Island when it was sparsely populated. have another great idea...I would love to have your book in dvd form ALSO. it is so restful to sit at my computer after a hike with Dashiell in the wild canyon and just collapse. Robyn and i visited her place of work which is the Hidden Valley Wildlife Preserve...i would hate to have to leave and come home at the end of the day...love you all. jo

~wishing you and your family and four legged friends all the best in the coming year, jo! xo Barb~

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