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December 02, 2009


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It's so nice to see pastoral summery photos of the boys as the weather starts getting so much colder and color in nature sparser. Is Cilantro a relative of Helena?

~Hi Manise! The black and white speckles are the tell-tale signs of Cocoa, our flock matriarch. Her sons & daughters (and grandkids) are the only sheep to carry those markings. So yes, Cilantro and Helena are cousins!~

Beautiful pictures of the rams! They must have had a feast on all that clover! I had the opportunity this past summer to spend some time with some sheep that were being herded by a friend's border collies. Great fun to watch and they actually let me pet them. It was a great day!

I miss knee-deep green grass already...

Saw that you had to start copyrighting your material - hope nothing too serious happened! Love the picture of the boys :)

~Nope, just good g.p., but thanks for asking! Off to feed those boys now . . .~

So they really can do some damage to one another. It's good they have you to look out for their best interests!
Those summery fields certainly look bright and green in juxtaposition to the greys and browns I see outside right now.

When it's grey outside and the grass is dull or even covered with snow, we forget just how gloriously green spring really is and the beautiful color of clover. Thanks for the uplifting photos.

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