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December 31, 2009


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What a busy and exciting year you have had, Barb! Congratulations on your various accomplishments and thank you so much for sharing your life with the flock in photos and text through your blog, book and articles. It was great fun to belong to Sheep Shares and to be able to be a part of your farm online and while knitting and spinning. Here's to another exciting and fulfilling year to come. All the best to you, your family and flock for 2010!

~ You're the most prolific spinner/knitter I know. Thanks for sharing your projects, love seeing your work (and thank you for the extra special handspun, handknit mitts, what a lovely, thoughtful surprise!). Love to you and your girls.~

Came over from the Knitter's Review, I love your blog. Those brown sheep are beautiful, will their fleece be offered next year?

~thanx for visiting! Haven't decided how to make use of the moorit fleeces just yet. They may go to competition then be sold as handspinning fleeces. Doing a lottery this year for Sheep Shares members. More details to come! Happy new year.~

My dear Barb, thank you for a wonderful year! I don't know whether it's what you say or how you say it, but every post manages to touch me in some way - mostly smiles and joys with a smattering of tears for balance. You are hands down my favorite blog and I've enjoyed shepherding vicariously through it. Looking forward to spending another year with you and yours!


~Well, thank you for that very nice comment. Happy new year!~

I am so happy that it was a wonderful year at the farm, and for you personally. I know there were very hard times, too. Happy New Year to you, Mike, Holly and all the girls and boys.

~Thank you, Laurie. Wishing you all the best for 2010!~

I am enjoying your Yarn Farm stories from the Twist Collective. As a new shepherdess I need all the help I can get! I also bought your new Dye book.
Thanks and Happy New Year.

~Good luck to you with your new flock, thanks for visiting my blog!~

Barb, I'm a lurker...catching up on your blog 4-5 posts at a time and rarely commenting. But I wanted to wish you a wonderful 2010 and thank you for adding to the richness of my 2009. My husband and I are about 3 years away from transition to retirement (at least mine after 30+ years in the military -- he may continue to work) and are preparing to build a home with barn in Lancaster County, PA. I am hoping the barn will house some alpaca...reading your blog has helped me get my head around what that might really entail. I have a lot more homework to do before making the transition from dream to actuality...thanks for helping provide some great instruction as a by-product of your very inspiring lifestyle!

~ Good for you for considering making the leap and I wish you the best as you head down that road. As you know, it's tons of work keeping livestock, but they give us so much in return and we wouldn't ever want to live any other way since making this transition ten years ago. Thanks for your comment!~

What a busy and productive year! I wish much success for you in 2010. I've enjoyed reading your blog and articles in Twist Collective in 2009 and am enjoying my new yarn from your sheep (so pretty and soft, natural color is just gorgeous). All the best for the new year to you and your family, and for an easy lambing season!

~Thanks, Torre. Happy new year to you!~

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