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December 16, 2010


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I love what you do and I love reading your blog. You're sheep are just so precious and photogenic.

I shared on twitter (though I don't have many followers).

I check out your blog every day. I enjoyed reading your articles and pictures.

A sheep share giveaway! How generous. I can't even decide what share I would want - how do I pick between fiber and yarn, dyed and natural?

Love the babies -- haven't seen that picture before... (oh please pick me!)!

Those little lambies are the highlight of my day today! Thanks for the chance at some wool.

I linked to you on twitter. Those curious babies are the cutest thing I have ever seen!

I have put you on my personal facebook page and on my author facebook page! Glad to share a site that always brings joy and comfort and one that allowes me to vicariously enjoy the sheep!

Ooh, sheep share! That's so exciting! Recently I've been more and more drawn to the idea of slow cloth, akin to the slow food movement. I suppose it was an inevitable move once I got sucked into spinning my own yarn.

I'm posting this on my blog and on Facebook!

You guys are incredible! Even if not I'm not picked I will definitely keep you guys in mind when I find myself with some extra money. Keep up the amazing work!

I've just joined this year's Sheep Shares but could always use more yarn :-)
You have the best blog. Love those sheepies :-)

As I have told you frequently, I love your blog and tune in at least once a day to see what's happening! Your blog allows me to by a cyber shepardess! lol Your pictures and stories are great. Thank you for the chance to enter your contest!

you have the most generous contests! I sent a link to a relatively new knitter friend - she likes support family owned/small businesses, and such. I hope she considers it.

I too joined again this year but the cats are asking for more blankets - they are very interested in the farm yarn when it arrives at the house!

I placed the comment on facebook and emailed your blog to a few friends who are not on facebook. I love reading your blog and hearing about what's going on at your farm. I just recently purchased some of your yarn at a local yarn shop in Shelburne Falls and love it! I actually took a break from knitting with it so I could read your latest post!

Tweeted! (I'd love to win!!)

I love your blog! I've shared the link with my knitting friends. I would love to win the yarn sampler :)

A Sheep Share contest! Wow! I love your blog and really enjoy learning more about what it takes to raise healthy and happy sheep. I posted on facebook. Enjoy the sheep wanting to be close!

I'm currently writing a paper for my sheep science class due in the morning, I think your site qualifies as a good and educational distraction!

This is such a lovely blog. I would love to be in the drawing for the Farm Yarn. Thank you!

I facebooked a post about you and added the link. I've heard about your set-up before, so was excited to see your link on twitter!
Can't wait to investigate more. I would love to be included in your drawing! Good luck with this awesome thing that you are doing! I love sheep! :)

I tweeted.

And if this is for internationals I'd love to be included.

After more than two years of lurking, I've finally taken the plunge and signed up for your fiber CSA. Hooray for me! Like Kate said, thanks for the opportunity to be a cyber shepherdess!

And, oh yeah, almost forgot: PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME!!!!

I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog; I enjoy reading about the sheep and the pictures are always so precious!
Once I found out about Sheep Shares I couldn't wait to sign up!

Every time I wear something knitted with your yarn, people stop me and comment about the yarn- it is amazing! I put you on my facebook and will blog later tonight. Cross my fingers...

I have enjoyed following your blog. Mistrial is my fav! Please put me in your drawing.

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