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March 01, 2011


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Can't wait for my Sheep Shares yarn! I am sooo excited!!!

Ooh! Great photos! Thanks for sharing and take care of yourself. Busy times ahead.

I love Cognac's haircut!

Love the photos of the cutters and shearing wool combs. Cognacs top knot is adorable. Can't wait to see the fleeces- always drool worthy. Glad you had all of that help and that you are pacing yourself with the chores and shearing.

Cognac looks fantastic, so glad you are feeling weel enough to participate as much as you did. I think the girls and guys find you to be calming, not just Crackerjack.
Have a beautiful day,

Crackerjack looks very calm indeed with the ewes. Glad you were able to participate with this! Enjoy the calm before the 'storm'!

Wonderful post! Do you have to take any special precautions after shearing so the sheep don't get chilled? Or do the sheep do that on their own (stay inside, eat more)? And does one person really shear all day?
Please try to take it easy and get as much rest as you can!

Cognac looks very spiffy. I wish I lived closer to help out. I could be "sheep hugger" :) Take it easy and don't over do it. It'll be exciting to see the fleeces.

It's great to hear that you are able to get back in the thick of things to some degree. What a haircut on Cognac! I don't think I'll be going to Andy to have my hair styled any time soon....

wow - shearing time already - time sure flies!! what a cute little cute for Cognac! Sounds like you had a full crew helping with all that - what work that must be. Hard to believe you'll have lambs running around in no time! I'm sure it was nice for you to get back into that swing of all that again. I hope the lambing season goes smoothly!

Yay for the girls! Kisses to sweet Cognac!

Can't wait to see the ?fleece, ?fleeces,
?floose. Most of all I am happy that you are feeling well and up to the task of being the sheep mama!

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