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May 10, 2011


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They are growing so nicely! What sweet little apples!! Did Chai have something to do with Keswick?? hmm...

Those are healthy looking lambs!

Thanks for sharing. I so much look forward to seeing the lambs. Enjoy!

They all look lovely! Looks like cool spring days agree with all of them!

Oh My SO Adorable! They love the camera don't they? Lovely photos.

Love the pictures and to see how much they've grown!

They don't stay babies for long. However, they are beautiful. You are so lucky.

So adorable. I am seeing Fuji mittens in my future, to accompany his father's :-).

Such beautiful little lambsters! I always wonder when I see your pictures whether they have any particular smell... milky maybe?

I am most appreciative of these adorable photos. I would so love to have one of them for my very own. You are so fortunate to have access to such sweetness.

Lamb photos are harbingers of spring, right along with tulips--your lambs are exquisite!

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