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January 26, 2013


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Oh geez! So glad Mike is okay! I had a similar accident as a teen sitting atop hay bales on a wagon being pulled by a tractor onto the weigh scale at a local farm school. None of the bales were lashed down- a small jerk of the wagon and I pitched out head first for the hard ground. Wound up with a right hairline temporal skull fracture that had me sidelined for 3 weeks in bed flat on my back with a spinal headache the spring of my senior year. You are right- the most mindless of chores can be just that with dire consequences. Hope that you are feeling much better now Barb.

WOW!! I sure am glad Mike is ok!!!

Barb i hope you are feeling better soon too!!

I'm glad Mike is okay, that could have been so much worse. I hope he heeds your advice about the cell phone.
Thanks for the pictures, I always enjoy the serenity of your farm.

Holy cow! I'm glad that he's ok. Must have Ben quite a sight for man or beast!

I hope Mike is not feeling the aftermath. I can just picture the sheep trying to figure out what just happened!

Wow - I so feared what happened because a co-worker recently lost her gather to a farming accident. I don't think of all the risks since i have not worked on a farm. i am so glad his injury was "relatively" minor. J hope you are feeling better too!

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