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July 14, 2009


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Maybe a wildlife rehabilitator could help? This link lets you find people in your area: http://www.tc.umn.edu/~devo0028/contact.htm

~Thanks. I've spoken to someone in my area and she's doing some research for me. In the meantime, keeping our eye on the little faun, from a respectful distance.~

Barb - this is the Mass rehab assoc website. I thank you for caring and hope you can keep baby & momma together - or at least keep the baby ok. Thanks for caring. I see from the above that you have someone looking for you and hope this ends well.

~Thank you for sharing this link. We're following leads and keeping tabs on babe and momma!~

What a sweet little fawn! I hope it survives.
That's good news about the hay. Hope you got it before it went to seed.Everything looks lush and green where you are, just like here. A treat for the sheep, I guess!

He's too adorable! I hope he'll heal and fast. You have a big heart - looking out for all the little friends. Good luck!!

Hi, Barbara
Although we live in a fairly dense housing area, we DO get deer. I can't have any flowers or even herbs because they are so voracious. Several years ago, we saw a doe (with two fawns) whose right front leg appeared to be dislocated. We watched and worried all summer long. My husband put out extra seed for her and her little ones, who of course grew like weeds. We were concerned not only about coyotes and perhaps mountain lions, but also passing cars. I am happy to report that she made it and the leg seemed to heal itself. Perhaps the same will happen to your little one--I sure hope so. Even though I am always unhappy about not being able to have roses and other flowers, I hate to think of a nasty demise for the wild critters.
I'll take this opportunity to thank you for all the lovely home videos about the sheep and especially the lambs and the llamas.
Best wishes, Pam B

~Thanks for the suggestions, Pam. It seems like mother doe has selected what she feels is the safest, most sheltered spot for him to rest - and she has a much better sense of what's roaming the woodlands, I'm sure! It's funny how she's grown accustomed to our presence and senses that we're watching but mean no harm. Thanks for reading. Barb~

Cutest little thing. I'm hoping the little one heals. Fantastic pictures.

Berkshire Vet treats fawns but he will probably have to leave momma... good luck

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