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July 23, 2009


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Oooohhh.....the new lambs are beautiful! I love the brown coloring and Chai looks very confident in his new surroundings. Congratulations!

Fabulous, rich colours on those new lambs. Moorit is just about my favourite wool colour! I am so happy, too, to hear that your are now able to get into some new colour directions that I know you were hoping to do at the beginning of the year, even if you're going a slightly different route.
Poor Zephyr and his sore nose! I hope he feels OK now.
More rain here, too, just in time for our vacation. Oh well, that means more knitting and reading time.

Wow, what lovely sheep! I think they are beautiful- Cognac is my favorite :)

Wow, what beautiful new sheep and such yummy names. I'm sure the natural colored wool will be fantastic!

Congratulations on your new Moorit flock! They are beautiful! They'll be a wonderful addition fiber-wise. Hope Zephyr is feeling much better. He is very lucky. Quills while quite painful can really lead to a nasty infection. Did you have to treat him prophylactically? So glad to hear the fawn is on the mend.

~ Zephyr is lucky. None of the quills were broken in his mouth. We treated him with pennicilin, just to be safe, but he seems to forgotten all about it. Whatta guy. Barb~

It's been too long for me since science classes. If you breed the Moorit ram with a non moorit ewe, will you get brown fleece? Ditto if you breed non moorit ram and moorit ewe? And if you breed moorit to moorit, will the offspring always produce brown fleece?
The field they're grazing in looks wonderful. Do you plant special forage, or just depend on nature?

It makes my heart glad to see four more sweet members of your wonderful woolly family. I look forward to hearing more about them in the future!

Barb, all i can say is WOW...you little rascal, you didn't tell us you were on the lookout for more lambs. these babies are big guns. you and Holly must have had loads of fun picking them out and bringing them home. i really love the rich coloring of the Moorits....keep on having a wonderful life and keep the aching lotion nearby. jo

Congrats on the new additions. They are beautiful. BTW, my brother and his family live in Windsor, MA and their dog had a run in with a porcupine which caused the dog lots of pain and cost my brother lots of money. Puck (the dog) had to go to the vet he had so many quills all over him. I'm glad Zephyr is ok.

Oh, my! Your new flock is just gorgeous! Beautiful color. Barb, I met Nancy Brome from Hair of the Dog a few weeks ago....she spins dog hair (mixed with wool and/or alpaca). I've started collecting Scoutie's hair..imagine what the Moorit and Golden Retriever colorway would look like!

Glad that Zephyr is on the mend, too.

Your new lambs are so beautiful. They are so lucky to have a new home on your farm. Poor Zephr - I hope he's okay. Glad to read that the fawn is doing better.

The new lambs are beautiful!! What gorgeous color. I'm glad Zephyr is ok.

I don't think there is ever one posting you make Barb that I don't learn something about sheep. I always thought Moorit referred to a "breed".

And the photos are fun!


Congratulations on your new additions. Their coloring is so lovely, I can understand bringing all four home! I, too, look forward to next year's wool.

Hey Barb! It was great to see you last weekend! I should have taken some of your iced tea on my way after all, it ended up being a long ride home after a detour to WEBS. It is good to see the new moorits making themselves at home, I'm looking forward to new and exciting fleeces....

~Great to see you, Terry, I'm really glad you stopped by and met the moorits in person. Glad you had time for a pitstop at Webs on your way home!~

Your new sheep are so beautiful. Will you be selling yarn from them? If so, then I am definately interested - especially if it is a fingering, sport or dk weight.

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