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July 17, 2009


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Awww. I always love sheep pictures. So is Butch trying to climb onto there because it's the highest point around? In any case, it's an amusing picture.

i would tell you, move over Barb, i am taking the water up the hill. tye babies have such thick coats....ooo la la, such beautiful yarns will come our way eventually. how is Cinder doing???? looks like you have a new driver, Butch. what horns!!!!!!!!!
take care of yourself and take your vits/mins

Thanks for explaining about how the hay bales are made. I love seeing them in the fields around here.
Hope you have a great weekend and good weather for tomorrow. Wish I could be there!

Lovely photos Barb! So nice to see summer is finally here isn't it? I've always loved those round bales. Reminds me of a Greek dessert called kataifi.

My greatest achivement was to be able to knit again after having a stroke. At first I couldn't walk or use my right hand and arm. It took a long time but I determined to knit/sew and crochet again, I do all three but slowly now not at my old breakneck speed.
Congrats on your sheep, they are beautiful

~ I'm sure it was a long process to regain use of your right hands and arm and it must have taken a heap of strength and determination. Thanks for writing.~

Congratulations. It's a wonderful feeling when you achieve something you set out to do. My sister just beat Inflammatory Breast Cancer, the worst breast cancer you can get. Just last year at this time it was surgery, chemo, radiation, etc. She just had a scan and it was perfectly clean. No cancer!! She is strong and fought like hell to stay around for her boys and her family! Strength and determination, an upbeat attitude and lots of prayers did the trick!

~ Your sister sounds like an amazing woman. Thanks for sharing her story.~

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