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March 28, 2010


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So busy! I'm happy that everyone seems healthy and happy so far!

Your ewes all look like good Moms!

Do you know about how many lambs you're expecting total? I don't know anything about lambing- here on your blog is the first time I'm seeing it- do you always get twins or sometimes just one? And if they can have one single lamb do you know before hand if they will have twins or not?

Another lovely and healthy pair of adorable lambs! Perhaps Charlemagne will rival his father in the champion fleece department. A perfect name for a conquering hero!

Bravissimo! Encore! Encore! The crowd goes wild. It's an excellent beginning.

Who knits the adorable lamb sweaters? Sign me up!


Oh my goodness, a Sunday post, thank you. I so enjoy living vicariously through you and you adventures. So glad lambing seems to be going smoothly and that everyone/lamb is doing well.

A handsome addition to the family! How nice to get a ram lamb that like Teaberry. A nice cherry on top of your sundae. :-)

They are so beautiful! Do all lambs get the jumpers as a matter of course, or are they specifically for early ones or something like that?

Such cuties ! Yes, more info please on the lambie sweaters - who knits them? A pattern ? Really puts a smile on my face

what can you say - the miracle of life and spring time! I'm glad it's going well so far. I hope you, Holly, and Mike are able to get some rest in between deliveries. I just want to scratch their cute little noses and ears!

Hmm, I think I might recognize those green "sweaters"!

Lambs in sweaters...spring is here and this really is the greatest time of year!

How long do the mommy ewes get to be un-coated? and how do you keep their fleece from getting dirty?

Can't wait until you get to Helvetica. Always thought that would make a great name....

I think between my daughter and me, we may convince my husband of the joys of raising sheep! Everytime I scroll down to a new picture she squeals "Lamb! Lamb! Sheepy Lamb!" She is not even three yet and wants a lamb so bad that she shakes with excitement!

Lamb hugging time again!

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