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April 11, 2010


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That Teaberry, what a guy! He sure does produce some nice lambies :) I think Chai did a fine job too for his first round. Don't you just want to get right in the middle of that bunch and snuggle??!!

Can these photos get any more precious?! I think not!

Barbara...they are so beautiful. next year I hope to sign up again. luckily i have a few skeins left for scarves. Dashiell can now go on hikes again. how in the heck did he get this infection in his pancreas, no one knows the answer. my vet bill has been horrendous...i am sure you know all about it.
keep up the good work .... what a lovely 4 legged family you have. love and hugs, jo

These guys are just SO precious! I love the way they look right at the camera appearing oh-so-self composed.

Thank you for sharing the lambing story with us. It really does add to my knitting pleasure!

They are super precious! Thanks so much for sharing!

Those photos are definitely worthy of becoming little lambs notecards. They're so delightful to see!

Such beautiful lambs. They've now got that all knowing look and less of the wide-eyed new to this world look. Perhaps the lamb lag is to give you a few nights rest before the next onslaught. Fingers crossed for easy and well timed deliveries.

What cute faces! I agree with Valerie - these photos would make great notecards! I love t send the little lamb pictures to folks who need cheering up. These would definitely do it.

thanks for keeping us up to date on the lambing - I know you're very busy with things!

Oh my goodness, are they ever adorable!

They are so adorable! I just want to slip in and snuggle with them all.

I just don't understand how you ever get any work done with all of that cuteness around you!!!

WONDERFUL pictures! Thank you for sharing.
Can't wait to see more.

How cute are those lambs! Simple precious.

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