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April 02, 2010


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Oh darn, I'm the wrong Susan this time.
I can't really say what I would make: because I usually let yarn sit and mellow for awhile, waiting for just the right idea. I'm the kind who buys the yarn first, then finds a project to fit it. Sometimes it can be a close thing. I had some white boucle sitting for years, finally made it up into a Meg Swansen shawl: it was getting close, as I was doing the border, watching the yarn disappear. I ended up with just a small handful of yarn left. But the shawl is beautiful. I do have Jared Flood's Girasole pattern, waiting for just the right yarn...

Oh, and Garamond is a very pretty name: could be Gari for short (soft g)

I'm thinking a beautiful spring sweater, open cardigan, falls at mid hip. Yum.

Triplets. WOW. The cute factor is off the charts.

I have to confess, ever since seeing Brooklyn Tweed's Girasole I have had a longing to knit it--it would be that satisfying Big Epic Project that would evolve from bus knitting (diameter > 24 inches) to TV knitting (diameter > 5 feet) to "oh my goodness I can't get up" knitting (diameter... ???). So when you asked what we'd knit with 1200 yards of Cormo, that's what came immediately to mind. Something big and soft to lurk under when the snow comes back...

For someone with such perky ears, maybe "Gill" would be a good name! A simple font with character.

I luv how Holly is snuggling that lamb..............

I'd make a new cardigan. I wear cardigans a lot but most of the ones I have are black or grey; it would be nice to have something less austere.

Beautiful babies!

I'm not sure what I would make with such beautiful yarn. Shawls are on my needles right now. I think I'd have to sit and fondle it for awhile until it told me what it might want to be.

I loved that pattern when I flipped through the new Twist Collective myself. However, if I won the yarn, I might make Norah Gaughan's Egret instead, as I find cardigans a little more practical. Either way I'd love to try some of that scrumptious yarn!

That lamb face is irresistable! I'd love to turn that yarn into a whisper cardigan. Given how wonderful your sheep look I can't imagine that your yarn is anything but amazing.

I am not sure what I would make...part of the fun is the hunt for a perfect pattern! I have several lace sweater patterns in mind. But, I would figure it out very quickly were I to win such an incredible yarn. Thank you so much for the chance to enter your giveaway! The yarn is stunning ~

I would knit a shawl...not sure which one I'd pick, I've got quite a few in my queue on Ravelry...maybe Girasole or something from Victorian Lace. I LOVE lace. For me, the thinner the yarn and the skinnier the needles the better! (My daughter wants a lace top that uses worsted weight and size 11 needles and I do NOT like it!! LOL)

I've been fascinated by the Swirl Shawl, and this beautiful yarn would be perfect for that project!

These lambs are perfectly adorable. I love seeing them right after birth and seeing how quickly they become active. For the yarn, I would make a shawl from one of Wendy Johnson's

Not sure what I would make with this lovely prize--but I AM sure I would carry it around and sleep with it until I decided. Keeping my fingers crossed. Congratulations on all the babies so far--love the pictures.

When I saw "New Giveaway" and the picture of the lamb, I thought for a moment that you were giving away a lamb - which sounds like a great idea but would be a heck of a commitment on the part of the recipient!

I would make a February Lady sweater for my dear friend Meg, a San Antonio native who recently moved to Colorado and is freezing her behind off. Her heart is one of the warmest I've ever known, so I'd like the rest of her to be warm too.

I already have Cecchetti queued, so the Alpaca Lace would be much appreciated. I love the closeups of all of the babies and Verbena's little one is so sweet. Thanks for sharing.

I might make Cacchetti, but I also might make something lace. What a gorgeous issue of Twist!

This is the kind of question I could obsess over for days (weeks, even)! Cecchetti would be lovely, but then Pas de Valse or Peyton from last year's (spring? summer?) Twist are tempting. Or Ann Hanson's new Pine and Ivy shawl. So many possibilities for that yarn, which is truly a new favourite of mine.

I enjoy taking a break from my day to read about the lambs, sheep, alpacas, and all the other animals at the farm. The video you posted a few days ago with the jumping lambs puts a smile on my face whenever I think about it (and I have thought about it many times since I first viewed the video).
The yarn in the photo on my monitor has a pinkish tone to it that quite matches the new lambs' pinkish tones in the photos with Holly. I would knit a simple stockinette sweater to remind me of the photos of lambs in their stockinette sweaters.

I would make a lace shawl, probably from one of Myrna Stahman's patterns, because then I would be making it top down and would be able to use every single bit of that lovely yarn. I would also be likely to finish the project -- for some reason, I finish my lace projects, whereas my non-lace projects "ripen" for years.

I would make one of the new Twist Sweaters -- you're right - they are gorgeous!

I love all of the Twist patterns and would make one of them. I am so indecisive lately.

I would probably use the yarn for the Cecchetti, it looks so simple and elegant. Perfect for chilly evenings and early fall days.

I have been enjoying lambing season so much through your blog. I miss being on a farm to see the little guys each spring. Well, maybe not all the work that goes with it. It is so generous of you to share the lambs with us, when you are so busy.

If I won the yarn, I would make the Bridgewater shawl from Jared Floods new book Made in Brooklyn. It calls for a lace weight, but I think the fingering would give it some weight and make it large enough for a cozy napping blanket/shawl.

I would absolutely make Cecchetti - I love it! So many great patterns in this issue!

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