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February 11, 2011


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Wednesday morning I looked out my kitchen window at the icy meadow behind the house. It was 24° out (really cold for where I live) but the sun was shining, and there was something different about the light that made my heart lift. And today I can see tiny little bits of green poking up from the ground where I planted bulbs last fall. Spring will come.

Bulbs already!!! There's so much snow on the ground here, so no sprouting yet. Maybe I'll force some paper whites indoors.

It has been a trying winter and I am really ready for Spring. I've been seeing small flocks of robins lately around town gobbling up fallen crabapples and berries off of the ground and titmice actually singing for a mate. That and the lengthening days give me hope that winter is waning and spring must be around the corner. Can't wait for lambing to start. Fingers crossed it will be a gentle spacing of births rather than the deluge of years past. But of course we all know what a crap shoot that is-lol! I posted this to Facebook already.

Although we still have tons of snow on the ground here, there are a few bare spots around trees and buildings poking through. No signs of green or buds, but the sky has taken on that brilliant blue ... the one that means that spring is surely coming!

thanks, Manise. No robins here just yet, but we're watching for their appearance.

This morning my drive to work seemed a litle lighter, so either the days are getting longer or I was running really late!

The sun is glinting off the snow, but the seed catalogs have arrived and my dreams are turning to gardening. That is a sure sign that winter is nearly over and spring is just around the corner (ok, admittedly, that corner is going to be a very muddy one this year...but still...)

Hope all is well up on the hill, Barb! Hugs!

Now...off to post this contest on my Facebook page and one of my favorite Ravelry groups.

Well winter just has to be on its last legs as the sun is rising so much earlier, the warmer days are actually warmer! The sun is definitely more powerful and when it thaws, freezes, thaws again, it seems to last longer. OH MY I sure hope so!

Thanks, Barbara. The sun must be stronger down at your place. On my side of the Patten, it still feels purty dang cold, even on the "warmer" days.

Oh, yes, the light has definitely changed...and there is noticeably more of it...and we are even seeing bits of bare ground appear here and there. The Weather Guessers are calling for a warm spell (a tardy "January Thaw"?) but I have lived in New England long enough to know that the worst storms often come in February. Or March. I even remember an 18-incher one April. This winter can't wane soon enough for me!

The first sign of the coming warmer weather that I noticed this year was the slight lengthening of the daylight hours. It's really nice to travel home from work while the sky is still light. Do the sheep behave differently with the longer daylight hours? You've been Facebooked. :)

Along with lighter days ornamental pears are beginning to bloom in snowy white in Sunny California. In another week the purple leaf plums (ornamental) will be in delicious pink blooms. Shortly after that my apricot tree will bud out and the long wait for June and fresh apricots begins!

I'll be posting a link in Hats4Hunger on Ravelry.

Lisa, the sheep seem laid back, no matter what. I haven't seen any signs of spring giddiness yet. It's a mellow time of year for them and I enjoy working close to them during these winter months.

The sun rises higher in the sky and, as it warms the earth, the early bulbs find their way to the surface seeking the warmth of its rays. Snowdrops come through the snow and crocus spears pop from the soil. They are proof spring will come.

Here in town the trucks are taking away some of the huge curbside accumulation of snow, the wind has subsided, and the sparrows are attacking the berries left on the flowing crab trees with great gusto (are they perhaps a bit fermented?) and the sun feels warmer on my face, but it is still a winter-locked landscape. However, I have a friend who always says, "It is spring, as long as they days are getting longer." I can go with that!

The sun rises earlier and sets later. Also, the buds on the pussy willows in my backyard are starting to swell. They'll be open before we know it!

watching the tempts slowing inching upward. Small little rivers running down the street. The huge piles of snow slowly starting to shrink.

I love that when I leave home to go to work (at 6:30 am) and leave work to go home (at 5 pm) that the sun is still in the sky...albeit rising and setting but it is still out and it is NOT DARK anymore! YAY! Plus I feel like going to go buy some seeds to get my container garden going...hmmm. I might do that this weekend!

I wish winter was winding down - we have massive snow drifts. But, this weekend, it's supposed to be up to 40! That will be super exciting. :)

i used to say i enjoyed the snow but after having 3 or more feet fall in a month im not so sure..

Aren't we backwards? Just as it's beginning to warm up and hopefully melt our 2-3 feet ice/snow piles in NJ we are leaving for British Columbia to ski.

I know what would make next winter more cheerful--you can dye all the sheep coats bright colors--maybe even tye dye. We'll all come and help you.

Forwarding this to friends in my knitting group.


I love how the sun feels in a small corner of our south facing patio. And, as the snow slowly melts, there is a delicious new smell to the air; although different than newborn babies I care for, the air reminds me of a new year being born.

As others have said, the sunshine and lengthening days have triggered some optimism. I am visiting my partner in Maine, where there is even more snow piled up than in frigid Western NY where I live, so when I return home in a couple of days, it will feel like spring by default! (I am far enough from Ontario and Erie not to be too affected by lake-effect.)

The snowdrops are coming into bloom. It won't be long.

Even the sheep look chilly in their little coats! Brrrr! Thanks for the chance!

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