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April 13, 2011


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Their first bath! Love the names. Bravo Donatella!

Wonderful video. Do you suppose she was crying out for her sister: missing her after being so close to her for so long?
Are protective moms better moms? Or just extra bother for you trying to deal with them? I know I'm anthropomorphizing here, but growing up, it seemed that the children that were less strictly minded by their parents often were more self confident then those that were mothered excessively.
I'll have to work back through the pages: seems like a lot of twins being born!

I'm glad they were safely delivered....and I hope your hand is OK!

what a treat to see!! thanks for the video - I was just mesmerized by the scene where Donatella is licking her lambs - so peaceful. And the lambs have such cute expressions!

thanks for taking the time!!

Thank you so much for sharing!

Thanks for the video! Stellar deliveries of both super cute ewelings! Hopefully she'll calm down a bit and not chose to take a piece of you next time.

Thanks for sharing that video. The girls and I enjoyed it, and the younger ones were quite impressed by seeing the actual birth. Adorable twins!

I love how Cracker is all up in there keeping an eye on things...and eating at the same time. What a guy, no?

What a treat this morning. Even those of us sitting in cubicles in the city can dream and be a part of country life! Thanks Barbra. This made my day!!!

Oh My Goodness! What a sweet Video, Loved it! Congrats on the new arrivals.

Lovely video - and such communication!

So lovely to see happy mom, happy lambs.

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