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April 20, 2011


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So glad everyone has arrived safely--have been waiting anxiously for the news.

One of the best things about this time of the year is waiting for the lamb race videos and knowing that we are coming up to visit you and all the "sheepies" soon.

I forward your posts to many of my knitting friend and even to my husband (who fell in love with Mistral las year.)

What I love most about this time of year is the spring flowers and the flowering shrubs and trees. But the past few springs have certainly been made even more enjoyable by seeing the pictures of all of your new lambs. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on a successful birthing season!

What's best about this time of year? Birth - it is such a wonderful fact of nature which gives us hope & joy. I especially like the photos and birth stories of your lambs. And this year I get to celebrate the baptism of my new great-niece on Easter Sunday.
I'm forwarding your post to my fibre-loving friends.

I love being able to get back on the golf course after the winter even though it means putting my knitting projects on hold.
Enjoy your lamb pictures.
Barb from Chicago, Ill

I passed this post (and all your posts about lambs) along to my friends who are having a difficult spring—pictures of adorable baby animals are a great mood-booster.

My favourite part of the year is watching the days get longer. I used to live in northern Alberta where the change was quite dramatic. Less dramatic where I live now, but I still cherish daylight at 7pm after it's been dark in the afternoon for the whole winter.

The sense of anticipation is so heightened this time of year. Snow melting, birds arriving, the first green shoots. Love it all!

What I like best this time of year is the utter cuteness of baby lambs! (And ok, other critters too, but mostly? Lambs.)

I'm glad the radio silence was just the birthing frenzy and happy all are here and healthy. Yay to no bottle lambs as cute as they have been in the past.

Spring is one of my favorite seasons. I love how a gray spring day provides a beautiful backdrop for all of the spring color out there now- esp the the yellows of daffodils and forsythia. OH and of course all of the Spring Sheep and Woolies just around the corner!

Posting to FB too.

Spring is almost a non event in Florida. We go from glorious winter weather to hot summer. My favorite time of spring for the last two years (since I found your blog) is lambing time. I can't tell you what a breath of fresh air it is to us city folks, following your adventures as a shepherdess.

I share all your blogs with my knitting friends and my sister and will continue to do so.

LOVE the names. All the new apples are adorable.

Such a great time of year. Love the "new" green. So glad the birthing went well with no catastrophes, everyone behaving.
Love all your photos.

I love the new green buds against the blue sky and the arrival of the hummingbirds. Among a long list of other things.

Passed along a link on Facebook - at this point, random people at church ask me about your sheep. :) So glad everyone made it a-okay and the apple names are just perfect. I'm also glad that you had such a good cohort of mamas this year - no carpet replacement!

Barb, I am so happy everyone has arrived safely and now you can rest. I will post your giveaway on my blog today. By the way gardenias are my favorite thing about this time of year. The smell is amazing.
Have a wonderful day,

What I love about spring is everything. My birthday is the first day of spring. I love the greening up of the landscape and the first flowers and the gradual warming and spring skiing and spring bike rides and gardening.

This time of year is literally a breath of fresh air. I love seeing your new lamb pictures and usually go to a local farm to see the annual sheep-shearing. It's what I always pick to do for my birthday.


I love being able to pull my bike out of storage and go on morning rides again. I'll pass this page on to friends on FB.

Congratulations on your crop of little "apples". May flowers not withstanding, I love the incessant rain (NOT!)!

Congratulations on making it through another lambing season! Love the names!

Well, I would say (like Meredith) that I enjoy gardenias, but I don't have any - just memories of when my mom had them on the deck. I do love lily of the valley and lilacs though - the smell of all the flowers blooming is one of my favorite things. Being outside and enjoying the nice weather is another favorite. Sometimes I can enjoy both just by walking around my neighborhood.

By visiting your blog, I get to fantasize about having sheep of my own. Thanks so much for brightening my day with lambs and mommas.

What an absolutely sweet face. My middle school students enjoy reading about your adventures and love the videos with the lambs. Mistral is still a favorite.
I have no idea how you manage do get all you do done, but I'm sure glad you share with us.
Thank you.

Spring for me is weeks on end of flowers in the garden followed by wildflowers in the hills.

I'll be linking to my blog: http://lorisweek.blogspot.com/

Thanks for sharing the lambie journeys!

I shared this on facebook!

My favorite thing about spring is how bright the forsythia and daffodils look against a steely gray (April showers!)sky - as if the yellow is cheering us on to hang in until the warm sun shines again.

Little lambs of all types arrive in the spring: my grandson was born today! (no apple name though - LOL)

This time of year.....it's seeing all the shades of green -- who knew there were so many.

I'm one of the lucky ones with pictures from past farm visits to post on my blog to entice others to join the fun.

What wonderful news: all lambs safe and sound. And no bottle babies!
Even though we have had very little of it, I love getting a chance to start working in the garden. It's been so rainy and cold, but I did get a new vegetable bed ready for planting. Now it if would just warm up enough to plant it!

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