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April 05, 2011


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Thank you for letting us live this experience with you.

Oh, isn't she just precious!!! Here's to a quiet night :)

What a cutie! That nose is so kissable. Geez those waiting ewes sure are noisy!

Hope you had a quiet night and were able to get some sleep! MacIntosh is darling! How could anyone not melt at that face.....

Such a doll!

Those are the cutest pink ears I have ever seen. Hope you get some better sleep,

Someone needs to invent a baby monitor that only goes off above a certain noise or frequency threshold...hope your sleep improves, or at least some action happens to justify the lack thereof!

I know what you mean about the baby monitor. The first couple of days I had it, I bearly slept with all the noises going on outside. That little lamb is just precious! I can't wait until my ewes start lambing!

what an adorable little lamb - so sweet!!! MacIntosh has very cute little wrinkles :)

Hope it warms up a bit for you and the little lambies, such a sweet little lamb, love the little wrinkles, face almost as sweet as Mistral's.

It's a shar-pei sheepie! Sorry, I couldn't resist. LOL

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