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April 03, 2011


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Congratulations on the lambs! I love the pics and video. Take care of yourself.


I know I don't usually manage to get comments written in a timely manner ;) but I love the lambs! (and Crackerjack!) Congratulations! and ditto on the "take care of yourself".

Happiness is a lamb nursing from her mama. Look at that adorable little tail just wriggling in ecstasy!

What a joy it is to watch the lambs nurse, their innocence as they explore their new little world.

Thanks so much for sharing such a precious moment at the farm. Those are some happy-looking sheep!

So sweet; thanks for the video!! These girls are so cute! I hope you all had a nice Sunday too.

What a fantastic way to start the day. Thanks for sharing this video Barb. Gets lots of rest.

What a sweet Video!

Thanks for keeping us updated. Cute little lambs

We can see that you have a real passion for animals and is important that animals feel our love and protection, cause they give back love and loyalty.

Why is it that every time you post a video or photo of these new little guys I get a huge grin on my face. And my colleagues think I'm nutz.....

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