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April 10, 2011


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Congrats...I think we will all be saying that for a while. They are just so beautiful.
Good luck with all the rest coming soon,

Oh so adorable. I love their sweaters.
The pictures are so appreciated, thanks.

They are adorable! Jonathan has a bit of white on his head like Mistral. :-) I love the wee bit of white on the tip of his tail too.

The Apple names are just perfect for this Spring's lambs. I have loved all of them so good luck with the rest of the births.

so sweet! it's so nice to get this peak into the live of new little lambs - living in a city and all. thanks for taking time to post pics - I know this is a busy time of year.

Such lovely lambs - I look forward to more photos - they brighten my day - thank you

It's the return of the purple - was it LL Bean - sweater sleeve!

They're so precious. Thanks for taking the time to post and take care of yourself!

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