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June 05, 2011


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Looks like a great event - 50+ - wow!! glad you all had great weather and the sheep look extra spiffy in their "dress-up cloths!"

What a lovely day you had for this! Love all the kids who also got to meet the sheep up-close. Crackerjack looked super handsome with his red bow! Good luck to Holly but I am sure you will miss her a lot.

Good luck to Holly in her new endeavors. So sorry to have missed seeing her.

Thank you all for a perfect day. Being with our sheep share friends and sheep share sheep was very special. Mistral, so many of us were so concerned about you last year, you are one very special pet/flock member?

Wishes for much success for Holly and Chris, she wil be greatly missed. The Strolling of the Lambs was an amazing day for all ages, thank you Barb, Mike, Holly and Kathryn for everything!

It looks as though it was the perfect day! Thanks for sharing the photos and best wishes to Holly. We'll miss her.

Wonderful pictures! Loved seeing Mistral -- a dog in sheep's clothing. Good luck to Holly!

Noooooooo! Holly can't leave! What will you do without her?

What beautiful pictures, especially the one of you Barbara with your "babies!" I wish I lived closer...I would love to step in for Holly! She will be missed.

Oh, I wish I could have been there. Thanks for the pics so I could picture being with everyone. Good luck to Holly, but I will miss seeing her with the sheep.

I loved seeing Mistral all grown up! Congrats on such a lovely event!

As always, the photos put a smile on my face ! (I see the blog has not been updated in a while ?? Hope things are OK over there, just way too busy ??)

Need help finding a halter for my 2-yo Shetland ram. His horns are so tight against his cheeks that the halter's cheek straps don't stay under and to get a halter small enough for him the nose piece is to small. His neck is 18" diameter, nose is 12" diameter. His name is Maurice, "Mo" for short.
Thanks from a new, no-nothing-about-sheep, sheep owner,
Jeri Geblin

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