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July 14, 2011


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My heart goes out to you and the loss of such dear pets, my three standard poodles are such a blessing and comfort to me The joy that you will provide and receive with any future pets makes it all worth while and I am looking forward to seeing your new charges when you are ready to do so.

I'm so sorry for your losses, Barbara. We too lost a beloved dog, Sheena, five years ago. Sheena was a border collie mix that we got at the Greenfield Animal Shelter when my daughter was 11 months old. We were lucky to have her 16 years and 7 months and her health was good until the last 2 months. My husband and I are just coming around, now, to thinking about getting another dog. My thoughts are with you.

I'm so sorry for your losses. [[hugs!]]

Oh, dear, you have had such a bad year! My sympathies, and I hope things go up from here.

Barb, I am so sorry for all of your loss. Your dogs are so beautiful and the pain is so very real when you lose a beloved pet/family memeber. Butch and your babies have been blessed to live in an amazing home with two wonderful parents and all their farm friends. My thoughts are with you and your husband.

I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your animals.....yes, they become like family. Your three girls were beautiful and thank you for sharing the photos.
I have always thought Butch was a card....I am sure you will miss him a lot in the pasture.
Here's to hoping the summer improves...

I am so sorry for all of your furry losses Barb. It's so hard to say good-bye to such dear friends and family members. Having lived in Greece for all of my childhood, I esp love Daphne's call and registered name. Hope you find replacements as it feels right for all of you. Sending you love and hugs.

So sorry to hear of how many dear old companions you've said goodbye to this month! In my mind it underscores just how long you and Mike have been fiber farming, and I know with your heart for the animals around you, you will find new companions - not replacement companions, but different friends - soon.

So sorry for the loss of your pets and friends. They are so much more than animals.
I have missed your blogging and was sure you would come back when you were able. Looking forward to your new and upcoming good news.

My sympathy to you. We lost our dear Pepper on April 1 and I miss him every day. You are right - Home is just not the same without them.

Oh, I am so sorry for your losses. I'm sure it is hard going about without them. Take care!

I am so sorry for your losses.

To lose one of our family (people and pets) is one of the hardest things to bear. To have lost so many of your closest family in such a short time, must be so difficult to bear. You are strong to share your grief, and I will send comforting thoughts to you and your family.

So sorry for your loss. It's never easy- they are a part of the family. Just keep trying to remember the good times and that they had long good lives.

I'm so sorry for your losses. Losing a pet is so hard. We just lost the last of our cats and while we too knew it was coming, it was heartbreaking when it happened. My husband took it the hardest, which was a total surprise. While alive, Murphy drove him crazy by not using her litter box. We are petless for the first time in 41 years.
Keep your memories close, I'm sure they will soften the pain while making you smile.

Barb and family,
Deepest sympathy on the loss of your furry family members. I never realized how dreadful an experience this is until we had to put down our first cat, Dinah. It was without doubt the worst weekend of our married lives. Them little furry critters really just capture your heart before you realize it and you are just helpless. I hope you will have a peaceful summer, one that helps to comfort you and that fall will be a new beginning.
May I say I am ever so glad to hear from you, even with sad news, as I was very concerned for you and wondering if YOU were all right. I know you aren't, in a manner of speaking, but also know you will carry on because you have all those little critters still there that are depending on you.
Again, deepest sympathy to all.

Best, Pam B

I'm sorry to hear of your losses. We lost two of our household friends in the past year, and it's still hard.

Oh goodness! I'm glad to have met Butch at the farm visit before he passed. And I'm so sorry for Daphne's loss. That's a lot of death in a short period of time! Hang tough!

I am so sorry to hear of the loss of such dear companions...no matter what the situation or how long it has gone on for we are never prepared for the loss. My heart goes out to you and Mike.

I'm sorry to hear of your losses - I understand how pets become family.

awww, so sad and my thoughts are with you and Mike. I love the little stories you tell about your babies - they will always be remembered. Love the picture of the 3 girls. Hopefully, you'll be able to find a good companion for Gypsy - Butch's hat stealing was such a funny story!

I'm so very sorry about Daphne. Our dogs truly impact our lives and hearts. Just looking at their 3 lovely faces together is touching. And poor Butch. I enjoyed his antics.

Your grief is a tribute to how much they were loved. I am heartfully sorry for your loss.

Oh, that was a teary blog post! So sorry to hear of the losses of your beloved animals.

So sad to hear about Daphne and Butch. You've had a difficult month and must miss them dreadfully. We've enjoyed hearing about them through the blog over the last few years and will miss them,too. Thinking about you and your family.

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