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July 21, 2011


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The Shetland girls are so sweet and I love their names! You needed some of that given all of the losses at the farm. The harnesses look like Gentle Leaders-lol. I'm so sorry about Buttercup.

Good for you!! I am glad you have something new & fun. They look so cute & sweet! I was reading up on Shetlands & saw "In the UK as a whole the wool is prized by handspinners." I will be hoping for some Shetland roving. :-)

Barb your new babies are adorable. So sorry for another big loss. I guess that is part of farm life, but it is never easy.
Hugs to you,

What cuties! what sweet looking little girls. I love their coloring. Looking forward to more pictures when you have the time.

so sad about Buttercup - she'll live on through her children!

I hope everyone is holding up ok with the heat - goodness - it's tough. And you and Mike take care of yourselves too. I think quality knitting time in AC is in order :)

Evan & I just love these little girls - very sweet faces and huggability galore! They have found a happy home with you and the flock.
We are so sorry to hear about Buttercup. Your hearts have taken a tough ride this summer - may the days ahead bring you comfort and happy hearts with your new family members. Hugs!

They are so cute -- I hope the fleece is as soft as it looks.

I'm sorry about Buttercup -- but happy knowing her sweet-nature lives on.

I'm sorry you lost Buttercup. It's good that her spirit lives on in her offspring.

Sassy and Ginger look so cute!

Barb, My husband and I have been known to do the same thing when visiting the Dakin Animal Shelter. Enjoy!

i am so sorry to hear of your losses. the additions will be wonderful. it is the circle of life (cliche i know but as i am faced with my mother's illness and impending passing, i believe in the circle. my granddaughter emma is my strength as are your new additions). I can't wait for another sheep shares with their addition.

Welcome to the world of Shetlands! Be careful though, they are addicting!!! :)

Sassy and Ginger look like really sweet girls. Congratulations!

I lost my link to your blog last November when I lost my computer to a storm. Of course I had bookmarks to lots and lots of lost web pages. While going over the list of them I had built back up last week I realized I didn't have the wonderful sheep blog and had no idea the name. After google searching through New England sheep farms as I was sure that was where you were with no luck. Today I went with sheep farm blogs and on the 7th page of them there you were. So happy to have found you again but so sad to hear of all your losses. Good luck with your search for a new goat and your eventual hunt for a retriever. I'd be lost with out mine.
Again I'm so glad to have found you.

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