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August 27, 2011


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Those pears look beautiful! You're right the storm will send them all everywhere. The sheep have good taste in fruit. :-) Be safe and I hope the outages are minimal. I'll be thinking of you all.

Good to hear the sheep will be indoors for what is coming. Thanks for the pictures...the pears look delicious!

Wow, who knew sheep loved pears? Well, obviously you did. They look so sweet standing by the fence waiting for more.
Stay safe. It looks like it's weakening, but still a doozy.

Your pictures and postings are so sweet--they make me cry because they touch such a deep sweet spot within.
Here in California we do have earthquakes, but I can't imagine how scary it is to anticipate a hurricane.
Thanks for sharing, and here's hoping the worst of the storm doesn't touch you.

Mmmm, Pears! I love how everyone crowds up against the fence. Good luck with the storm!

I hope you can ride out the storm and keep safe. I hope there won't be much damage or power outage. The pears looks good. They bruise so easy especially when they are really ripe.

Sounds like you have it under control!

Hoping all of you come through the storm safely and without any serious damage to the farm. We'll be thinking of you, Barb!

thanks for the update - it did look like you were in the path. I hope you, Mike and all the sheep/llama stay safe, warm, and dry!! I guess everyone is just expecting to stay without power....

Such cute pictures of the sheep going for the pears!

Here in MD we're still doing ok inland - west of D.C. - rain most of the afternoon, wind just starting to gust. We'll see how we fare.

The best to the rest of you all having to deal with the storm.

Marcy - we just had an earthquake out here in VA - felt it at work in MD - kind of creepy to me! I come from tornado country. I think I'll take the tropical storm effects of a hurricane if I have a choice :)

It sounds like you have battened down the hatches well. I hope the storm will be calmer than we can imagine, so you and yours and the sheep will be safe and cozy inside :)

Hope you and your farm stay safe and sound!

I hope all is well...saw that your neck of the woods is getting hit with lots of rain and flash flooding. Definitely thinking about you today and sending best wishes...

I loved this image - of tossing pears to the sheep. It made my day to think that my Sheep Share yarn (which arrived just prior to Irene) came from happy sheep.

How are you doing Barb? Franklin County got some of the worst rain totals ever with rivers still yet to crest. So many evacuated in Shelburne Falls and more in the area without power. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

I have been thinking of all your animals every time I tune into the Weather Channel and hear the updates on the storm. I hope everyone is safe.

Thinking of you and all those swwet sheep faces and hoping the storm was not too hard on your beautiful farm.

Inquiring minds want to know: is everyone OK, now that the storm has passed?

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