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August 03, 2011


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pretty photos! love the colors in the last.

Good luck Ginger and Sassy - enjoy your wonderful new friends! I think I like the photo of the lambs around your feet best :) Shoelaces could be mistaken for yummy grass!! Can't wait to get my Autumn stash!!!

Barb I love the pictures...makes me wish you had summer camp for adults. :-)

Oh boy! Can't wait to receive my sheep share shipment. Love the photo of the hay!

Yea!!! Can't wait!

Gorgeous photos, I can actually hear the sounds and smell the air!

I got home from work to find my roving shares had been delivered! Can you see me smile...the roving is beautiful!

Lovely pictures and breathtaking colors for the yarn! Ginger and Sassy are so adorable.

lovely pictures! I love the sheep in the 2nd picture - looking at you so innocently. the yarn colors are so pretty! Now, can anyone remind me what I was going to make with my dyed share? LOL

Your pictures are lovely, very, very lovely! I second the idea of a summer camp for adults. Ginger and Sassy sound like great colorway names; hoping all goes well with the introduction to the rest of the animals. With all the dyed and natural skeins and fiber around the studio, I imagine an explosion of gorgeous color!

The pictures are beautiful and restful!

I'm sure it is best not to do the dyeing in the middle of the day.

I hope all goes well with Ginger and Sassy.

It looks like such a wonderful summer! Thank you for sharing with us!

I loved your words "formed a wooly puddle at my feet" along with the photo it made me feel like I was there. Wishing the best of luck with the darling little Shetlands.

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