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March 15, 2012


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Celebrate good times, come on! That song has been playing in my head all day! Awesome, huh? Love your project choice! And the apples are the natural choice of birthday treats, how fitting! Happy Birthday Cocoa!

What a sweet day this must have been for all. Happy Birthday Cocoa and Congratulations Barb!

Happy Birthday Cocoa! Great vintage find in your stash. It'll make a super cardi.

Happy Birthday Coco, you are a very lucky sheep to have such great friends and family, assorted four footed and two. Thanks for sharing your great day with us.

Love that little face - what a cutie! eyeing those apples??

Happy Birthday dear Cocoa! I did have some chocolate in your honor - just too warm in MD right now for hot chocolate ;)

Happy belated birthday, Cocoa. I'll give your daughter Io a treat in celebration.

My Southdown ewe Molly just had her 16th birthday celebration. She's got osteo-arthritis in one foreleg, but she's in good shape otherwise. Doc Schmitt just gave her her annual looksee and it was thumbs up. Not bad for an old ewe that's survived Lepto and a host of other travails. Not sure she'll make it to 17, but for now she's very old and very happy, and still flock leader.

Happy Birthday Coco. I like apples too. Are there any lambies to report?

This is so funny and inspiring! Glad you share the pictures and the story with us.

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