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February 27, 2013


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I'm usually the last person to complain about winter but I admit - I'm ready for spring! Its just so muddy and icky and dreary at this point. I feel like we've had our snow, played in it a bit and had plenty of time to relax indoors - I want blue sky, sunshine and a glass of wine on the porch!

I should add - the Shaelyn shawl I started in your Cormo/Camel/Silk in Lupine has been a perfect antidote to gray days - so springy and pretty!

Michigan got hit yesterday - a little bit of everything in the metro Detroit area. Not much snow, but VERY wet and risky to shovel. I hope Mike has some power equipment to help him. Glad to hear you're hanging in there; will there be any lambs this spring?

I'm with you, I hate to whine about it. But last winter was easy compared to this year, for us anyway. Glad my yarn is providing a splash of color. Thanks for touching base.

Mike has a humungous snow thrower on the front of our Deere tractor for the heavy work - and we've got an 8 foot plow on the truck. Essential. Take it easy with the shoveling.
We haven't bred the ewes for lambing this spring - to give everyone a breather.
Be Well!

"It's been a wind-roaring, snow falling, frost heaving, ice damming, nose freezing winter - wearing us down and out"

That hits the nail on the head. I so hope this is not a sign of winters to come.

Love the pics though.

I'm not saying this to make you feel bad, but I do live in Northern California, and when it gets below 50 we whine--I know, we're wimps! But I love your pictures and love hearing about the animals, and I hope spring comes to you soon.
A fairthful reader.

Thanks, Marcy. No worries - we've chosen New England farm life, despite its challenges.

Same weather here. I generally like snow, but even our puppy doesn't want to go out in this. Like Zoe and Farley, he looks out, and thinks he wants to go out, until I open the door. Then, yuck! He does enjoy the slush once I force him out, though, and then we get the fun of cleaning up a soaking wet, muddy, wriggly puppy. I'd say I'm ready for some nice warm, dry days about now, too!

We squeezed in a walk with Farley and Zoe this afternoon. Slush Puppies!
Stay warm.

Living on the Eastern shore of MD usually protects us from big snows - we have the Chesapeake on one side and the Atlantic on the other. We've had some snow, but mercifully spared the big ones since we're just not equipped for them. Wind? That's another story!! Glad to here everyone is hunkered down at the farm!

I on the west coast of Michigan have not seen the sun in ages...just gray sky, snow and drizzle. I can't wait for spring green and blue sky.

I'd like one really good snowfall to get it over with and move on. I'm tired of these little piddly mixed precip events that make it nasty to drive and walk day after day. But we've not had a really good snow yet. Maybe on Easter...

You paint a wonderful picture of sheep contentment in your wintry farm...
I wonder what the R value of a sheep fleece is?

OK, I looked it up: 3.5 per inch of fleece thickness, comparable to a polyurethane spray foam. And it has good acoustic insulating properties as well, so it's quiet inside the sheep.

We are faring fine here in Rhode Island but looking forward to the end of mud season!

LOL. Acoustic insulating properties of wool has never occurred to me. We are still a week or two away from mud season here. Thanks for starting my day with a laugh.

Personally, I love Winter and snow, give it to me anytime in lieu of Summer. what can beat curling up with a fire, warm soup, some knitting, and the dog? OK, maybe you get more than enough of this, but I say Baaahumbug to the coming heat....

I firmly believe Spring is coming! But I'm not putting my woolies away, not by a long shot. Glad I'm not in Washington DC for this current storm.

Mar 6: we are finally getting some snow here in Washington DC of the fat, wet kind you describe. But our winters are short by comparison and having lived in both Maine, Mass., and upstate NY, I know what you mean about the loooong winter. Enough already!

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