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March 24, 2013


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Love the pictures....can't wait for April 6th!!

The wonders of Shearing Day and sheep surfing! Many thanks for sharing in it with us! I can't wait to see the fleeces you are entering at Cummington. That will be a real treat.

Wonderful post, Barb. I love a shearing day myself and am always grateful to my shepherds who let me take part.

Any chance of handspinning fleeces being available for sale? I know you need almost every thread of your fibers to make yarn for your customers and share members. If you think you might be able to sell some fleece, even the show ones at Cummington, would you give a holler via email? Thanks, and best wishes!


I second Meg..... if any raw fleeces (or part of fleeces) are available for sale straight to a handspinner, I'd love to know!


Meg and Emily have the right idea. Would love to dive into and spin up one of the Cormo fleeces!
Sarah A.

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