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May 27, 2013


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Wow! Congratulations on your award winning fleeces!

Wow and Congratulations again Barb on a fantastically gorgeous fleece and receiving the distinction of Grand Champion! And for the others faring well too. Cilantro's photo is lovely. Kudos to Kat. I'm so sorry to have missed it all this year. It's one of my favorite spring shows, but it just wasn't in the cards.

Congratulations! It was certainly a festival that made wool extra attractive this year!

What an amazing day! Congrats on all the fleece ribbons and photo subject. And "Grand Champion"! That's awesome! Thank you for the excellent post. One of my faves!

Congratulations on all of your ribbons. I know how proud and happy to see all of the ribbons on your wool. I am glad Cilanto's photo won a ribbon, too. Cute picture.

I have entered and won prizes in my local county fair for kniting and spinning, and nothing beats seeing your name and a ribbon beside it. Congrats to the sheep and everyone on the farm who raise them so well!

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