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November 08, 2013


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I like working with the live wool-bearers best...and the knitting...and the friends I have made at the Festivals.

Does what I like best have to be just one thing? LOL...I hope not!

sheep shares
creep there--
to yarn dreams

Have fun with the contest, the comments, and I can't wait to see my sheep share!

Thank you!

I'm so looking forward to getting your book! Our family has a "rule" that you can't buy anything for yourself in November or December--it has to go on the Christmas list. But I ignored that rule to get your book right away. LOL.

What I like best about working with wool? I think it would be the connections--connections to people of the past, connections to other cultures, connections to the earth and the cycles of growth, connections to the heart of creativity.

I love everything about working with wool--the smell of the fresh fleece, the way it feels in my hands, thinking of the wool-bearing animal while I carefully wash its fleece and prepare it for spinning. I love the way it takes dye and the way it seems willing to assume any shape. I love the way wool stretches and springs back again--while I'm knitting and while I'm wearing it. Wool is really, really nice.

What do I like most about working with wool? It's easier to answer what I *don't* like about working with wool - and the answer is, 'Absolutely Nothing!' -- I like *everything* about working with it!

I most like working with sheep shares yarn, because I feel like I have a connection to the flock and the farm.

I absolutely LOVE working with the yarn & fiber from Foxfire Fiber & Designs!!! I enjoy the friends I have made as apart of being a member of this CSA. I have learned new techniques & tried knitting patterns I would not have otherwise. I enjoy knitting...it is a wonderful stress reliever.

Yay for your book! I have so enjoyed reading it - you need to write another one! (I heard that flinch.) So, why do I like working with wool? I suppose it's because it's so forgiving of my lazy carelessness with gauge or beat. Because it's warm and soft or hard or bright or subtle or whatever you want it to be. Because my friends raise Shetlands and other friends raise Romneys and it's wonderful to watch them raise good sheep and good fleeces (and to see everyone wanting Mocha the ram's sterling services). Because the New England landscape supports small to medium-sized flocks of sheep so well. Wool is wonderful!

I love creating something so perfectly cozy.

Creating in the knitting and the relaxation in the spinning of your fiber is pure bliss! Knowing where my yarn comes from and the names of the sheep involved is priceless. So glad to be part of your Sheep Shares for all of these years.

the smell, texture and life. when i work with wool, i feel it breathe.... eager to become.
love the book! it was wonderful to see you again.

I love hugging it and talking to it. It makes my children giggle and roll their eyes. They know how excited I get over yarn and all it's possibilities :)

I like the way wool feels, obviously, and the way it takes up color.

I love the texture of wool. It has such an amazing (and amazingly diverse) feel

Nothing compares to real wool. That's why I love working with it.

The woolly feel, the woolly smell, and the warmth.

I have your other book about Dyeing and I love it!
The best thing about working with Wool is it's versatility plus I love working with my Finn and GotlandX sheepies :-)

I love the infinite variability in wool - long silky wools, bouncy crimpy wools, and everything in between. I love knowing that this fiber in my hands kept a sheep warm, and soon it will keep me warm. So much to love in wool!

Sometimes I think I must have been a shepherd or maybe a sheep in a previous lifetime...I love everything about the wool experience. The breeds, the colors, the infinite variety of yarn. Making a garment with it that I can wear is really the cherry and whipped cream! I have had your book preordered on amazon for what seems like months! Soon!

I love the sense of continuing history from early times to modern times, the dyeing with natural stuffs and the sense of being in a long line of spinning, knitting and weaving women.

First, congratulations! I can't wait to read the new book.
What I love most about working with wool is the sense of life that crackles like an electric charge between the wool and my fingers.

What I love about working with wool is all the fiber artists and knitters I have met along the way. It a new community of friends for me.

How lovely of you to do this giveaway. I love wool, everything about it. But the feel of it in my hands as I knit and crochet is the best.

oh exciting!!! I think what I like most about working with wool is that it takes my mind right to the farm and I can imagine hearing the sheep and sounds of a farm

Everything! I love everything about working with wool! Congratulations on your book. I can't wait to read it. I'll be picking up one for myself and one for my sister.

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