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November 08, 2013


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I love the connections of working with wool. Connections with the land, the farmers, the sheep, the generations of all of those who have done this work before.

Wool! What is not to love? Working with wool gives me a deep peaceful satisfaction. It connects me to nature and my inner creative soul. Each time I work with it- it gives me a new fleece on life :)

I only recently discovered your yarn at rhinebeck. I bought your natural cormo and am in love with this yarn. So soft and squishy and gorgeous for cables.

I love the feel of wool and its versatility. Thanks for the chance to try your lovely yarn :-)

Congratulations on your book!

I love the variety of different wools and working with a natural renewable resource. Also the whole knitting community that is so welcoming.

I love the reality. Knowing the sheep, the people, the barnyard companions, and the farm. No artificial additives.

After 5 years living in Nashville, I'm so happy to be back up in MA, knitting with wool again. I love the warmth & the enormous variety of wool. Congrats on your new book!

What I love most about working with wool is the feeling of the wool in my hands - especially minimally processed wool - the sheepier, the better! This kind of wool seems to be telling me a story as I work with it.

I also love the magic of seeing the first stitches emerge and continue telling the story of the wool.

The smell and the feel are what I enjoy most - they comfort and balance me.

Kudos on your new book. It's in my wishlist and I look forward to reading it!

I love working with wool for many reasons. I love creating, I love the feel of wool in my hands, and with every item I knit I think of the sweet animals that provide this beautiful and the people that raise them with so much love and caring. The fact that we can create fiber and fabric without hurting an animal makes me happy. I really loved watching the video and hearing your voice.
Thanks for sharing.

The feel, of course, is wonderful, but I also love to bury my face in it and take big sniffs!

I've missed the lambs and the farm updates, but now that I see why you've been away, good on ya!! Congratulations!

I love the surprise. A skein of wool has so much potential, and the fiber worker can unlock the art hidden in the skein.

Love, love, love working with Barb's yarns. I have been buying them through her sheep share for years. I love them because there is a luminosity in the colors that I have not found in any other yarn. I love these fibers almost more than knitting itself and have a stash to prove it. Barb has a special artistry that allows her to capture THE farm landscape in her fibers. There are hues and movement in her work, like a living landscape. It is also fabulous yarn to work (I say this with authority as I jump into my projects .. and rip them out and start again.. on a regular basis). I cannot wait to read Adventures in Yarn Farming because I have been wondering for years, "how the heck she does it all!" Congratulations on the new release!

I really like the springiness of wool that most of the other natural fibers lack.

P.S. Congrats on the release of your book!

I love the feel and the smell of wool as I'm spinning it and Barb's is the best!
;) Heather

Wool is my go-to for knitting. And since I love to purchase locally and am a supporter of our Springfield farmers' market, I would love to win the CISA sheep shares ... can you say "baaaa"? :-) Congratulations on publication!!!

Wool brings people together, knitters, spinners and lots of others. I love knitting, but it's the camaraderie that keeps me coming back for more.
Congratulations on your book, I can't wait to get it, and of course read it.

I love taking fleece that still looks and smells like a sheep, and gently taking it through all the steps of cleaning, spinning and finally knitting into a garment. It feels like a connection to so many shepherds, spinners and knitters over the ages

l love everything about wool. From the shepherds who work to bring handspinners the fleeces, to the prep and spinning, to the knitting and wearing.

I really love the community aspect, from sheeps in their flock to the fiber artists and spinners. It's magic.

I love the textures! Thank you for the fun!

Yhime407 on Ravelry

Wool and needles and off to the races with your imagination. So much fun to see the finished product.

Congrats on your new book.

sherryglover1 on Ravelry.

I love the way wool feels and how it can be shaped into anything I can imagine. Wearing it feels like I'm hugging a sheep. I also love that it has bounce when I'm knitting it. That makes for a very pleasant knitting experience.

I love working with wool over any other fiber. I love spinning natural undyed fibers and then knitting something that will keep me warm and cozy during the cold winter months.

It's hard to pick one thing I like about wool - how about how it feels? While knitting with it or wearing it - it's just fabulous.

I like the peace which comes from working with wool!

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