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November 03, 2013


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I love evening barn photos! It was wonderful to see you at FFNE. Stay warm. The cold snap certainly arrived after that beautifully warm Saturday.

What a beautiful photo!

Just finished the book today. A wonderful read. Thank you for the terrific book(and Mike and Holly, et al. for helping you make time to write it and live it.)

I'm reading now. You write beautifully. It was good to see you.

A friend just brought an autographed copy of your book to me. What a treat!

Oh no! I'm sad I missed your booth and look forward to reading the book.

i purchased your book at the NE fiber festival. i cannot put it down! i have been reading al title bit every night and will hate when the book ends. i did fill out a slip for your Sheep Shares Yarn Farm CSA 2014. but.. even if i don't win it, i would still like to be involved and register to receive shares. can you please tell me how to go about doing that?

i was so excited to see your book as yarn farming has been a dream of ours. i thought you were just at that booth signing books. i didn't know that you had yarn there as well. so sorry i missed it. i look forward to hearing from you

Recieved your book in the mail today, it's beutiful, and I cant wait to get started reading it.

Barb...Congrats on a lovely book--a tribute to a the life you've created through dedication to your art, love of your animals, and lots of hard work! There is an energy in your yarn that makes me feel connected to the flock--it is a pleasure to knit. Ellen in NJ

I just received my book today. I just love how you tell your story. Bravo!
Thank you for sharing. Very inspiring.

Congratulations on your book! I can't wait to get my own copy.
Looking forward to attending the Farm Fiber day in Wayland this weekend.
I own a yarn shop The Merry Weaver and love to support local farms!
When available I plan to be a part of your Sheep Share program.
God bless you!

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