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January 26, 2014


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It was very nice to meet you and get a copy of your book in Wayland on Saturday. I'm sorry that your goat was taken, glad you have her back safe & sound. I don't see what sense it makes for any one to take an animal like that ~ it is a good thing that you had surveilllance, though it's too bad it has to be that way. Get some rest and God bless :)

Oh my goodness, what a story! Poor Gypsy, poor you! I am so glad she is home safe and sound, she must have been so scared. I hope these men are not let off, it seems horrible what they did to a poor goat, what else have they done?

this is just a scary scary story and I am so glad that Gypsy appears to be ok - the description of what is on the video just made me cringe - I have no patience for that - I can't even imagine a person taking another person's animal. those local individuals were sure on the alert - so thankful for them!

Anybody that has the audacity to trespass, steal, and mistreat another person's animal deserves to go to jail. The end! I'm glad to hear that this event ended well for you and Gypsy.

This is one of my big fears. Glad she made it home and is safe and sound.

So glad Gypsy is home safe! I hope local law enforcement will be prosecuting the bozos who traumatized and stole her. Can't believe they put her on FB. I guess it's true that you can fix a lot of things but you can't fix "stupid".

I believe here in the west, where I live, they used to shoot livestock thieves. Just a little something for Gypsy's kidnappers to ponder the next time they think rustling's a good idea.

That's just awful. I hope she truly is okay and that those miscreants are prosecuted.

What a frightening ordeal! I'm so glad she's home again, safe and sound.

How awful!!! I'm so glad she's home safe now. What is wrong with people?? I hope they get punished for this!

Prosecute those fools! Their actions--trespassing, theft, animal abuse, pain and suffering of Barb and Mike-- warrant significant consequences.

It was really nice to see you in Wayland on Saturday, however we were all upset when you said that Gypsy had been kidnapped. I am so glad to learn that she is safe and back home.

Oh my goodness! How scary for all of you, especially Gypsy!

I'm so impressed that you went to the Wayland Farmer's Market anyway, and grateful to have met you and bought your book and some fiber from you. Thank you so much.

I can only imagine your relief. When either one of my kitties escape from the house I am a wreck until they're home. To think that anyone could manhandle your animals for fun is nauseating. I'm sorry this happened.

This is all so frightening. How dare they! How could they! Hope this won't hang heavy for you both as you sort out what to do in the future.

Barb and Mike, I'm so happy to hear she's home! Aren't you glad the narcissists put up photos on FB? So sorry for the mental anguish for you and the poor doe.

Glad you got Gypsy back! It was an unsettling experience to say the least.

I think it would be a very good idea for the men to have to do some kind of chores around the farm, as one would have naughty children have to do!

I wonder if a local judge would be willing...?

I'm so glad Gypsy is back safe. I hope you decide to prosecute, this kind of stupid needs to be punished! Perhaps they can work off their punishment on the farm.

So glad Gypsy is back home. It makes me so sad that anyone would treat her in that way. I too think the three men who took her should be made to work off their punishment on your farm. So glad she seems to be fine.

It is unbelievable that you got her back thank heavens and I truly hope you press charges against those losers. That kind of behaviour is not acceptable!!!

What the heck? Glad Gypsy is back home! I'd say kidnapping a goat goes a little beyond drunken debauchery. Messing with or stealing livestock can be a serious offense in my state, depending on the stock and what happened- is it there, too?

What an unsettling story. I'm so glad Gypsy is safely back home, and I hope the vet says all is perfectly well. I'm not a big fan of FB, but it certainly proved itself worthwhile here.

Throw the book at them. Theft is theft and goat napping is eveners because it involves a live animal.

That is literally one crazy "KIDnapping" story! Glad all has ended well!

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