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January 11, 2014


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Happy new year Barb. I still have my Cocoa share, haven't decided what to do with it, but this post made me smile a bittersweet smile. Hoping for warmer weather for all of us, but most of all for her.

Thanks, Stephanie. I'll give Cocoa a pat from you today.

Such a sweet photo of Cocoa and I am sorry for the losses of Pansy and now Chip too. I was there in June and am glad we all got to see Pansy. Losing furry and very productive sweet friends is so very hard. They were cared for well and really did live to a ripe old age thanks to you and Mike. Still it doesn't make it easier when they go. I will think of them when I spin and knit your fiber and yarn. Hugs.

Thanks, Manise. It really does make me value their fleeces all the more. I still have Charlotte's (Cormo ewe who passed away in 2009, I think) last fleece. I had it processed at Still River separately. It's a bit tender, as she was frail in her last year, but I am enjoying working with it, nevertheless. She was a hit-you-in-the-ass as you leave the pen kind of ewe, but I loved her and she gave us beautiful daughters. And I have her neppy fleece as a sweet momento.

What a wonderful testament to the loving care you give your sheep :-))

Thanks, Jody. But really, they give so much to us.

Though mine are feline, not sheep, I'm in a similar situation, as I'm currently running what I fondly refer to on occasion as the Cat Hospice. All five of mine are seniors, age 9 - 19. The irony being, the 19-year-old is (knock wood) the healthiest of the five.

Three of them are on special diets (three completely different diets); the utility room shelves look like a well-stocked pet store. Two also have a mountain of supplements, and one is getting subQs. The presence of an IV drip bag would have made more sense during my late Mother's decline, but not for a cat.

We do what we can for our precious beasties for as long as they choose to be with us. Then we let them go with grace and love. Long live Cocoa, may she see many more springs, and RIP to Chip and Pansy. They served well, and are free.

What fortunate kitties, to have you go to such lengths for them. Thanks for your kind words.

First, I want to tell you I loved your book. I have been singing its' praises everywhere. :)

Your post reminds me of something I read about the author (and real life vet) James Herriot. He said the hardest part of loving animals is that their life spans are so much shorter than ours and our heart breaks a little more with each passing.

This is always difficult. So lovely that you still have your Cocoa! She is beautiful.

What a sweet post and a great view of the great care you give your animals! I'm sorry for your losses. Cocoa has such a sweet face! Sending wishes for an easy winter for him.

We, too, have a high percentage of elderly sheep. This winter has been hard. Tonight I had to balance what *I* was best with what Elizabeth (a 15+ year old Jacob) thought was best. She won...but I'll probably go back up later to make sure she still thinks she was right ;-).

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