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February 01, 2014


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Such good news that Gypsy is fine and just needs to get back into her routine. I hope you both can relax soon. Greta and Galloway are indeed gorgeous — can't wait to knit with this mocha fluff!

So happy to see an update - sounds fairly positive! Helping with morning chores has got to be a good thing. I just feel so much for Gypsy - I can't imagine her fear at the time and I'm glad she's settling in. Greta and Galloway are adorable! :) I'm glad you and Mike are having calmer days too!

Wonderful news! Thanks.

So happy for all of you that this saga appears to have a happy ending. I can only begin to imagine how difficult your day at the Farmer's Market must have been.

I do hope Gypsy is back to her old self soon. I can't imagine the trauma she must be feeling, poor thing. Greta and Galloway are gorgeous, I'm sure they'll be just the antidote Gypsy needs.
Let's hope winter lets up soon!

Hello, I read a portion of your new book on Amazon, and couldn't order it fast enough! It arrived yesterday, and just love it. I've raised sheep when young, and had a goat farm in my 20's. So, really love reading about your experiences.
I think someone needs to chase those 3 drunk guys around a field all night, tie them inside a truck, sort of scare them half to death, then .... well, I should stop, but I can't believe the stupidity of some grown men. My heart goes out to Gypsy. I'm glad you have her back. She's just precious.

Poor sweetie! They're so lucky to have you.

I just finished reading your book. I want to quit my job and come work on your farm. I also want to hug and kiss all your animals! I wish you wou
We're coming Maryland sheep and wool as it will be my first time there. Rhinebeck is to far for me. I would love some of your yarn but not sure how much shares are. I am jealous and in awe of everything you do.

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