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March 20, 2014


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I think it would be very nice to name the sheep after Tolkien characters. :)

101 Dalmatians!

Olympic host cities

I think that Pioneers would be fun, and informtative, for names. I'll be happy to do some research for appropriate choices if you'd like. I work in a library. ;-)

Olympic host cities

First, I loved the pictures of Shearing Day, sure wish I lived closer, Michigan is a bit far, especially this winter.
I think, in honor of your husband's bracket picks, that this year's lambs should be named after collage mascots. Something like Gator for Florida State, Sparty for Michigan State(my personal favorite and alma mater.) I realize not every school has a mascot name that would be a good fit for a lamb name, but many would.
Whatever you pick I hope lambing season goes well and every lamb and mom are healthy and happy.

Tree Types, So Birch, Maple, Oak, Pine Etc

Foreign countries & cities like Paris, Parma, Ceylon, Burma...

How about Heavenly Bodies (Stars, Planets and Constellations).

An astronomy theme-names of stars or constellations

Harry Potter characters - especially Hagrid!

Well, how about gem stones? All the lambs are precious, just fluffier than, say, diamonds.

I'm nominating characters from Shakespeare. From Puck to Dogberry to Sir Toby Belch, Oberon and Titiana, Moth, Lion and Moonshine, we've never run out of names for our numerous pets over the years.

I vote for pasta varieties as a theme for naming this years babies.

Stellar Names - Stars and Constellations

Can't wait for the new lambs. We sure did miss them last year, but know you needed to take a break.

Missing you all, but maybe I'll be able to make a trip back up North.

How about the NATO phonetic alphabet?

Alpha (or Alfa), Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot etc.
Here's a link:

I like "S" = "Sierra" (my middle name :-)

Famous Authors----Shakespeare,Bronte,Dickens, Verne,Tolkien,Anderson,Conan Doyle,Melville, Lewis, Sewell, Twain

to name a few,

Names of "winter storms of 2014" is my suggestion for naming the lambs.

Good luck

After this winter, I think the theme has to be WEATHER!

I'm thinking names like "Storm", "Cloud" "Snow" Blizzard"

oops, I should have given some examples to the stars/constellations.
casseopia, hercules, gemini, pegasus, perseus, phoenix, pisces, draco, leo, etc

Jazz legends: Coltrane, Monk, Miles D., Ramsey, Mingus, Brubeck...

Classical Music Composers - Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Saint Saens, Debussy, Haydn, Vivaldi, Handel, Wagner, Verdi . . . I could go on and on

The lambs could be named after the list of snow storms we had this year.

Just realized someone else posted the same idea as me, so I think maybe name them after famous artists.

Candies: Almond Joy, Snickers, Milky Way, toffee, candy cane, etc

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