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March 20, 2014


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Comic book characters - not superheroes - but characters like Archie, Veronica, Betty, Moose, Jughead; Dennis, Alice, Henry, George, Martha; Millie (the model!); Richie (Rich); Betty Boop; Bugs, Elmer, Daffy, Pepe (LePew), Tom, Jerry, Tweety...

My favorite spring flowers are Daffodils there are tons of varietals they would make great names.Or use spring flowers, tulip,daffodil,crocus snowdrop...

Dr. Seuss characters..like Cat in the Hat, Thing 1, 2,3 etc, Lorax, Cindy Lou, Horton, Who, flummox. There are lots more!

Famous literary characters: David Copperfield, Elizabeth Bennet, Mr Darcy, Jane Eyre, (hopefully none named Frankenstein), Rebecca, Sherlock Holmes, Scarlett O'Hara, Rhett Butler ... or just pick one book and use names from that.

I think famous parks/National Parks could be a fun theme. Acadia, Bryce, Carlsbad, Denali, Redwood, Saguaro, etc.

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