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March 20, 2014


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I'm still hoping for Dickens characters.
Chuzzlewit, Belle, Cratchit, Crimple, Defarge, Dorrit, Peggoty, Wopsie, Micawber, etc.

Past and present Olympic Nordic skiers--Kikkan, Olga, Alexei, Zina, Eva, Liudmilla, Reka, Per, Tor, Tora, Chisa, Cendrine, Bjorn, Johan, Eirik, Oksana, Lowell, Reese, Andy, Marit, Johannes, Magnus, Peder-Reiner, Hans, Ole, Anders, Jean-Marc, Ivan, Jorgen, Soren, Vanya, Dmitri

Artists? Cezanne, Picasso, Matisse, O'Keefe...

Rose varieties

How about ski cities/resorts in honor of all the snow we've had? Vail, Aspen, Banff, Tahoe, Torino, Sochi, Gstaad, Whistler, Telluride, Jackson, Stowe, Taos, Chamonix, Ogden, Bozeman, Snowmass, Alta, Breckenridge, Buttermilk, Heavenly, Snowbird, Sugarloaf, Solitude, Sundance, Courchevel, Sestriere, Innsbruck, Davos, Butternut, Berkshire.....whew!

Mixed drinks, liquors and wines.
Margarita, Tom Collins, Merlot, Whiskey, Champagne, Brandy, Cognac, Daiquiri, Tequila, Grasshopper, Fuzzy Navel...

After a winter like you've had, don't you want to kick back with a party umbrella and a swizzle stick??

How about Rivers? I'm thinking specifically Australian rivers, because of the origin of Cormos, but really any river. Here are a few Australian ones to start it off: Warrego, Gascoyne, Darling, Murrumbidgee,Diamantina, Namoi, Wollondilly,Flinders, Burdekin, Paroo, Victoria, Esk, Cotter, Paddys, Corindi, Mehi, Merrica, and the list goes on and on at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_rivers_of_Australia.

Characters from Downton Abbey. There's Edith, Mary, Sybil, Cora. and also some guys - Carson, Bates, Robert,

Clouds! Name them after clouds! or parts of clouds, so you'd have enough names. Numbus, Cirrus, Cumulus, Cirrus, Stratus, Alto, Contrail, Mammatus, Pileus, etc. I'd be happy to help you find as many names of clouds as you have lambs!

How about Nursery Rhyme Characters? I can just see JACK and JILL, TWINKLE, twinkle little STAR, Little Miss MUFFET and Pied PIPER romping through the fields.

I was going to suggest Herbs, but saw that had already been done. My second favorite would be Marvel Comic characters i.e. Storm, Northstar, Wolverine, etc.

I wish I lived close enough to visit. Your pictures are lovely.

Baseball Team Mascots: Padre, Dodger, Giant, Rocky, Pirate, Philly, Marlin, Cardinal, Diamondback, Mariner, etc....

I'm think of spring and some sweet berries: Blackberry, Raspberry, Boysenberry, Gooseberry, Strawberry, Cranberry, Juneberry, Ollaberry, Mulberry, Juniper Berry, Blueberry. Goji, Acai, Huckleberry, Elderberry...

I love the photos of the lambs! I think it would be fun to name them after Disney characters...Ariel, Jasmine, Belle, and of course the Seven Dwarfs and many, many more. Thanks for the fun!

How about having some fun with Games! Twister? Uno? Scrabble? Monopoly? Othello? Trouble? Balderdash? Rummy? Blackjack? Baccarat? Tiddlywinks? Tag? I could go on and on!!

Nuts and related things...macadamia, pistachio, pinion, almond...etc.

How about naming the lambs after rivers, there are plenty to choose from

Candy confections! Such as toffee, fudge, lollipop, caramel, praline, nougat, bonbon, truffle, gummy bear, marzipan, taffy, etc.

How about naming them following the letters in Springdelle Farm? S=Sam or Suzy, P=Peter or Polly, etc.

Here's another thought, how about naming the lambs after President's wives; Mamie, Abigal, Eleanor, Martha, LadyBird, etc. Could be fun

What about characters from Dickens novels?

I got scooped. Maybe Shakespeare characters? :)

I would like to suggest vegetables. Tomato, string beans, carrot, eggplant. All sorts of colors abound in the vegetable world.

How about characters from Shakespeare's plays - for example from A Midsummer Night's Dream: Titania, Puck, Bottom, Oberon etc.

What about great women in American history? Harriet (Tubman), Susan (Anthony), Emily (Dickenson), Rachel (Carson), Betty (Friedan), perhaps even Michelle (Obama) or even Hillary (C'mon, you know).

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