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March 23, 2014


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Glad he waited until today. He's a beaut! Letting the naming commence. :-)


Awwwww congratulations! What a sweetie!

He shares a birthday with my granddaughter . She turned six! He is newborn. She will love to hear about this.

The new lamb is adorable. I was sad to miss shearing day. My kids kept me too busy to be able to leave town. Hopefully I can look forward to participating in the future.
I'm new to Sheep Shares, so I have hesitated on participating in the naming contest. But it can't hurt to throw out a suggestion, so here goes...names of mountains. You could pick a particular range, or choose a theme such as Colorado 14ers: Sneffels, Windom, Sunlight, Handies, Sunshine, Redcloud, Wetterhorn, Snowmass, Antero, Harvard, Princeton, Oxford, Grays, Massive, Elbert...these are just a few in that category. I love sheep in the mountains, so this theme just fits for me. Many other good ideas have been suggested already. It will be difficult to choose. Thanks for letting us join you and feel as if we're a part of it all.

Echoing all of the sentiments expressed above! You are one heck of a brave shepherd and yes some things certainly are particularly heartbreaking and sad, but you gave your ewes the best fighting chance available to you. Hugs to you. So glad the survivors are doing well. Continuing to keep my fingers crossed for Snug.

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