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April 24, 2014


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Thanks for the update -- heartbreaking as parts were. I'm happy to hear that Snug has graduated to the barn, Cobweb is eating, and that Calypso has recovered. So sorry about Belle and the lost lambs. Strange that there were two instances of the same problem this year. Hopefully the rest of the season goes smoothly and we can see everyone in June.

Thank you, Joan. Yes, it's an unusual problem. The common denominator is that both were older ewes (would have been last breeding for both) and both were over conditioned (fat). It does something to the thyroid, making it harder for them to mobilize calcium reserves when needed. I'm not sure I am explaining it very well. It will be wonderful to share all the lambs with you in June.

goodness what a busy and intense few weeks! So joyful to hear the good stories and sure feel the sadness with the sad stories. You expressed it so well - I'm sure all of that is what makes you a good shepherd! I'm sorry about your losses. and excited about Moorit lambs - i remember you were trying for that! I hope you get to rest soon :)

Thank you for this heart-breaking and life affirming post. Your readers are fortunate to be able to share vicariously the ups and downs of raising sheep. We are also so fortunate to be able to enjoy the wonderful yarn that is the result of your labor. Thank you!

Oh Barb - you, my dear, are most certainly tough enough for the hard times. You, just gloving up and delivering lambs, still being attentive enough to give a leather glove to a confused and grieving mother, you diagnosing what's happening and prepping a makeshift OR to try to save *somebody* out of a birth gone bad - you are more than tough enough. Tough digs in and does something in the face of adversity. The inspiring thing is how much compassion you have to go along with the tough. You have a lucky flock.

So sorry to hear it. Some years are like that with lambs and ewes. I hope the last two go well!

You've certainly had a busy month. Congratulations on the moorits, but so sorry for the lost of your ewe, Belle, and the lambs. I think the doubts,etc. that you are going through are totally normal. You care for your animals and they're like family.

It's so difficult to lose an animal/pet and when I have, I have questioned whether I could ever go through it again. Eventually, I start all over again with the sleepless nights of a new pet, training,illness,etc. I realize how much their companionship means to me and boy do I miss each pet when they are gone.

Keep your chin up knowing that you did the best that you could for all of your flock

Both heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time! Even just reading your post is emotional. Thanks for the update, though. I had a feeling since we weren't seeing a post that it was hectic for you. Take care of yourself. All the other mundane chores can wait. LOVE seeing the pictures of those sweet babies.

Heartbreaking and emotional. I wish I lived near you - I'd bring you some home made food, great coffee and help you admire and love those lovely sheep. I hope the rest of the spring goes more smoothly for you

So sorry to hear of the losses, and thank you for the updates, it has been a high season indeed!

Oh, Barb, how hard you and Mike have worked these last few weeks! The thought of you coddling that little lamb in bed is just too precious! You're such good people to care so deeply for so many animals -- but that increases the struggle and heartbreak when things go wrong! Glad the lambing season is almost over, you have all those lovely lambs including the moorits, and you can relax (comparatively speaking) and see them thriving. Best of luck. Do you have a jacuzzi? If not, I'd suggest you install one! Fondly, Liz

I absolutely loved the video you posted several years ago of the lambs running in and out of the barn! Do you still have it and would you mind posting it again?

Shepherding is not for the faint of heart. Words of encouragement as I finish out my own lambing season.

Oh my goodness, I had an idea that lambing season was intense, but nothing like this. I couldn't begin to ride that emotional roller coaster, you are an amazing and tough lady. I do hope the rest of the spring and summer go much more smoothly.

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